Meet the Coaches!

Hello, I am Estella Explainer.

My job is to explain the math questions clearly so you know what you are supposed to do to solve the problem. Sometimes there are unfamiliar or confusing terms in the question. I will help you understand what they mean. I love to read, and learning how to read math questions is very valuable skill to have. Have fun with these problems, and remember, math is a language too.

Hello, I am Chef Math Bear.


I am here to make sure that you know how to do the math needed to answer these questions. You often needto do addition and subtraction or multiplication and division. Other questions ask you to use fractions, decimals, large numbers, and probability. When you need ideas for what to do, I am ready. Enjoy math, and remember, numbers can be your friends.

Hello, I am How to Hound.


Answering math questions means you need a plan and my role is to help you figure out different strategies for solving problems. Sometimes you can get the correct answer by crossing out the wrong answers; other times you can round numbers up or down to make figuring a problem easier. I know other good strategies as well. Do great with math, and remember: math is smart thinking.

Hello, I am Visual Vicuna.

I find math is a lot clearer when I take the numbers and words and put them into pictures and drawings, or move objects around so I can see how to answer a question. Maybe you are a visual learner too. When you find yourself unsure about a question, see if one of my clues will explain what to do. Happy mathing, and remember, math is pictures and action.